Info Sharp

Info Sharp 0.65

SMS management tools in one handy package

Info Sharp gathers SMS Firewall, Auto Answering/Forward Machine, and SMS Notification in one. It also can manage and classify all your SMS efficiently. It can not only send, receive, forward SMS but also manage all the SMS into a Tree structure. It has a super filter which can take many actions such as play sound, vibrate, or auto reply according to the number or content of the received SMS.

Key features of Info Sharp include:

  • SMS firewall: You can define rule by yourself and set many actions
  • Build-in SMS receiving and sending; Support flash SMS
  • Multiple SMS sending to many people
  • Auto-answering/Forward machine
  • Set different ringtones for incoming SMS
  • Manage and classify SMS (uses a tree structure to manage all your SMS efficiently)
  • User-defined notification for SMS
  • Send SMS at specific time
  • Import SMS as backup

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Info Sharp


Info Sharp 0.65

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